30 jours d'essai : Retour gratuit et remboursement intégral

Livraison gratuite et rapide

Care and Use Tips

To unhook the loop

1) Buckles in the palm of the hand, push hard forward and down.

2) Stirrup leather under the foot, forcefully pull the stirrups towards you.


To clean the security system

1) Remove the dust present in the slot and on the ball (ideally with compressed air).

2) Clean with water using a cloth or brush. Let dry.

3) Add occasionally and if necessary two drops of oil (bike oil style)

4) Respect the direction to replace the buckle . Its nose must be in contact with the stirrup above the logo. Force the buckle into this position by pushing into the slot.


Direction of use of stirrups

For the proper functioning of the automatic triggering system , there is a direction of use to be respected.

Remember to follow the direction of the arrows on the floor.

The rotation of the buckle is one of the strong added values ​​of Rid'Up stirrups , but it generates some constraints :

Indeed, our buckles are wearing parts , this is why we recommend that you use them. take care and change them 1 to 2 times a year . They are avalaible for sale on this website product/accessories/bucles

Before the competitions , do not hesitate to release the bucckle of your stirrups and flush trigger system in order to clean impurities (sand, dust) in order to improve its operation.