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Rid'Up "Plus" Stirrups - Limited Edition

Rid'Up "Plus" Stirrups - Limited Edition

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Numbered limited edition for the 6th anniversary of the marketing of Rid'Up stirrups:

Here is the pair of Rid'Up "Plus" stirrups entirely hand painted.

Rid'Up "Plus" GOLD or SILVER.

Limited quantity and duration
Only 20 numbered copies per color

In collaboration with Duke Design.


- Patented "Look" automatic release system at the buckle. The stirrup separates from the stirrup leather during certain falls, while remaining intact, to reduce the risk of being dragged .


- Natural inclination of the floor by ideal angulation and positioning of the foot relieving the joints .

- Absorption of vibrations and shocks thanks to the high performance TPE sole under the rigid floor.

- Perpendicular loop for ease of fitting and allows the stirrup leather to be flat on the saddle quarter.


- Dynamic compensation system via the absorption of movements by the loop rotation offering better stability and more fixity.


- Optimal adhesion thanks to wide, bevelled floor which relieves the flat of the foot.

- Ideal grip with 2 rows of steel studs for full adhesion.

- Optimized weight for performance (440 grams/caliper) .

- Floor width: 12cm

- No minimum weight for the rider

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